Netflix is Burning Cash on Defense, Not Growth

Netflix’s first mover advantage was propelled on borrowed wheels – the licensed content of competitors. Now competitors want their wheels back, and Netflix is racing against time to build new ones, and it’s coming at a high cost.

Netflix’s Tapeworm Business Model

A business without cash flow is useless to shareholders. In Netflix’s “Tapeworm” business model, everyone wins except shareholders, who will likely receive no cash despite paying a hefty premium for NFLX’s best-case scenario growth.

Why I’m Not Buying Beyond Meat’s IPO

Although I personally wouldn’t buy BYND at this price or at this time, I can see why the stock is skyrocketing in its debut. In this article I’ll be giving a brief description of the company, discussing some of its macro growth drivers, and why I’ve decided to pass on buying shares for now.